Writerly Workbooks

Character Creation Workbook

If you're having trouble fleshing out your characters, or having trouble remembering who they're supposed to be and what they're supposed to want, check out this FREE workbook.

Wonderful World Building

World building is an essential aspect of fiction writing. Amazing stories happen in well-developed worlds and incredible characters can live in fantastic places within these worlds. As a writer, learning how to build such worlds will help you reach your true potential by improving your craft and honing your imagination.

Live Your Dream Writing Life

It's time to start getting your hands dirty, and dive deep into what makes You unique, what sets you apart from the person sitting right next to you. You might get bumps and bruises along the way, but that's okay. We all must fail to succeed, and it's in that failure that we will rise stronger than before.

How to Become a More Productive Writer

Explore the common writing stumbling blocks and find useful and simple methods to overcome them. If you want to be part of the writing revolution, read on…

How to Develop a Successful author Mindset

Don’t let the nagging critic inside your head hold you back from your author dreams. Everyone has a book in them, and this book is here to help you find yours.

do-it-yourself business planner

The DIY guide to creating your author business plan and rocking every year over year!

This 50+ page workbook takes you through each step of the planning process, from understanding where you were last year to making actionable goals to achieve your goals next year.

Learn more about the DIY Business Planner>>