The Ten Day Draft, by Lewis Jorstad

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The Ten Day Draft: Lewis Jorstad writes another must-have writing book!

The Ten Day Novelist series is turning into a must-have for any writer looking to write their first (or tenth!) book, as long as “challenge” is your middle name. Lewis Jorstad is a writing advice blogger and author, with a passion for helping and encouraging people along their writing journey.

The Ten Day Draft tackles monumental projects one word at a time.

There’s a common misconception that writing a novel takes years. If you’re following a few high-profile fantasy novelists, years might turn into a decade or longer. Storycraft is an immensely personal experience, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm a large chunk of your life to create a well-crafted and immersive world your readers can sink their teeth in to.

But before I dive too deep, I want to mention that I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I’d read the first book, The Ten-Day Outline, and enjoyed it, so I knew a little about the process and concept going into The Ten Day Draft.

That all said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have already implemented some of the techniques discussed in the book to my own drafting process. 

The Ten Day Draft takes the outline you created—whether by following The Ten Day Outline method or another—and thrusts you into another action-packed ten days of writing. If writing a 50,000-word book in ten days seems daunting, you’d be correct. Many seasoned and newbie writers are hard-pressed to write 50,000 words in thirty days, but ten?!

If writing a book seems impossible to you, Lewis will illuminate the way.

Throughout a mere 161 pages, Lewis teaches you how to manage your writer’s mindset to avoid writer’s block and burnout; how to use the story structure as a guide to strengthen your writing process; how to stay fresh, even when you’ve hit a wall; and how to mold any writing style or outlining process into a successful system you can use time and time again.

Action items and daily motivation help keep your head in the game (while your hands are busy typing).

And, after countless hours of writing and only ten short days, a full first draft emerges from calloused fingers and teary eyes. If you’ve been looking for a guide to help you rip the Band-Aid off and finally finish your first draft, check out The 10 Day Draft. You’ll feel less intimidated and better prepared to not only complete the writing phase but more keen on jumping into the editing phase.

It breaks each section into manageable, bite-sized bits of information, which allows you ample opportunity to read through each passage and really soak in the information before putting it into practice. The Ten Day Draft reminds us that writing a novel isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible with the right tools, mindset, and approach.

The Ten-Day Draft: Final Thoughts

This series is an excellent complement to his plethora of writing inspiration on his website,, and is sure to guide you out of a rut and towards the first draft of your new story.

If you’re looking for a challenge or are pulling your hair out because your first draft is taking too long to handle, this book is for you. The Ten Day Draft doesn’t shy from the fact that writing a novel is hard and often stressful work; but it reminds us that anything is possible with the right tools, mindset, and approach.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m so late commenting on your review, but I just wanted to say thank you! I’m super glad to know parts of this process have made it into your own writing routine; that’s an amazing compliment. 🙂

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