TagThe Pre-Writing Phase

During the Pre-Writing Phase, you’ll determine which genre, point-of-view, and tense you’ll write in. Then, the Pre-Writing Phase largely focuses on characters development, world building, and the plot. It’s the building blocks for the Writing Phase and will help ensure you avoid writer’s block the best you can.

Developing a decent outline, with character motivations and incentives, is a great way to build a plot from the ground up. You could use the 3 Plot Structure to complete the Pre-Writing Phase, which is a great way detail the main plot points.

The outlining phase isn’t for everyone, but it is great for streamlining the writing process. It’s literally the first thing I suggest to my clients when they have trouble getting through the writing process. #Writing #Writer #WritingAdvice #WritingTips #WriteTips #AmWriting #AmEditing #WriterlyThings