TagThe Editing Phase

The Editing Phase is where you take the bones of the story you built during the Writing Phase and develop them until you’ve created a real story for all to enjoy! Your beta readers and professional editors then help hone that story to ensure you haven’t overlooked any blaring plot holes.

The editing phase is a long process that encompasses three mini-phases, including the self-editing phase, the beta reader phase, and the professional edit. And don’t forget about the proofreading!

These three main processes during the Editing Phase are imperative to a well thought out and developed story. Check out these blog posts that all pertain to editing to ensure you’re hitting all the key points to a successful story.

If you don’t know which key parts you’re missing, rely on your beta readers and professional editor(s) to help lock down the areas you’re struggling to develop. It also helps you determine the areas in which you’re naturally strong. #Writing #Writer #WritingAdvice #WritingTips #WriteTips #AmWriting #AmEditing #WriterlyThings #AmEditing #SelfEditing #Editing