How to Find Time to Write: Writing Time Management

This week we’re going to talk about how to find time to write. Or, what I should really be saying, is how to make time to write.

So many people, if not everyone, have multiple things happening in their lives at any given time. Whether that means family, vocational, educational or personal obligations, we all have stuff going on. Just stuff.

How to Find Time to Write

But how do you find the time to write, when there’s so much going on? The short answer is that you don’t. You can’t find time, because time is always there. What you can do is make the time to write and indulge in your passions, indulge in your genius.

And if you’re finding this task harder and harder, you might consider keeping a time journal, where you write down everything you do from day to day, minute to minute. This will not only help you see where you’re spending your time, but will also allow you to later analyse what and where you can cut to use your time more efficiently.

To start, you should take a minimum of one week to write down every little thing you do. Make a sandwich? Right it down. Scroll on your phone? Write it down. The tiniest of details is what you’re looking for here, and you’ll find them in your notes, if you take them diligently and with purpose.

One thing I want to make clear is that many people struggle with effective time management, and allow other things, like watching television and playing video games, to get in the way of their passions. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing Overwatch, but, as they say, everything in moderation.

Tips for You to Find Time to Write

Writing Tip #1 Monitor your television watching, video game, and other curricular activities.

If you’re spending too much time in one area, and that area doesn’t directly impact your passional endeavors, consider changing up that activity, or at least limiting it.

Writing Tip #2 Find opportunities for multi-tasking.

I read while on the treadmill, listen to audiobooks while I’m in the car, and work on passion projects while on breaks and lunches. These sometimes tiny bits of time are great ways to incorporate more of your passion into your life.

Writing Tip #3 Wake up earlier and stay up later.

Sometimes, we just need to extend our days. Consider waking up an hour early or staying up an hour later to work on your passion-projects and make time that way.

Writing Tip #4 Utilize dictation.

Dictation is a great (and fast) way to write when you need your hands. Use your phone or other device, to dictate your novel writing or ideas. Keep in mind, it may take some time to get used to it!

Writing Tip #5 When all else fails, tell people to kindly fuck off.

This might be extreme, but if people really aren’t respecting your time or are relying on you for everything so that you don’t have any spare moments for yourself, then this tactic might be for you.

Explain to your family and friends, that you need some time to just delve into yourself. Chances are, you don’t ask for much, and you give more than you receive. So, asking your loved ones for a little bit of time for yourself, should be something they will lovingly and willfully gift!

The best way that I manage my time is by creating lists of things I need and want to do, like write a new podcast episode or work on a new webinar series. By creating to-do lists, I can manage my time and allot for the things I love to do and the things I need to do.

If writing (or anything, really) is truly your passion, you have an obligation to yourself to create time for it. If you don’t, you may just find yourself regretful or resentful of those around you. We don’t want that so, make sure to carve out time for yourself!

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