How to Create Your Book Sales Page

The first thing you want to do if you’re serious about being an indie author is to create your book sales page on your author website. Your author website acts as a hub for your platform and should have links to your profiles across the web, including your newsletter, online book retailers, and social media.

You can even put your unpublished manuscript on your website or use the first chapters as an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter. This is a lower-level way to build hype, as it won’t actually build much hype or been seen by many people unless you have an active website, sometimes bolstered by a blog or heavy social media marketing.

3 Key Components of the Book Sales Page

Your Book Title, Author Name, and Professional Book Cover

This one should be easy. Create a new page with your book title and author name and make sure your professional book cover is prominent on the page. These pieces should be above the fold, or above the part where the screen cuts off. This might prove difficult on mobile but should definitely be the standard for tablet and desktop viewers.

Your Book Description

Your book description should be eye-catching. You can use the same description from your publishing page or craft a similar but longer one for your website. Ideally, these descriptions should mostly match (for SEO purposes) but can vary slightly if you have shorter and longer versions.

Don’t be afraid to post your book title and description before publication, even if they might change. This is your main hub, so any updates should reflect here first.

Call-to-Action Button

If your book is published, make sure to include buy links to wherever people can find your book across the internet, including Amazon, IngramSpark, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble and more.

If your book is unpublished, your call-to-action could be the reader subscribing to your newsletter for a few free chapters and other relevant information like a day-in-the-life vlog about your process writing this book.

These three key components should be above the fold, or where you reader can simply click through and view without scrolling down. If you want to include more, you can sync or add any [positive] book reviews.

Your website’s book sales page is the perfect hub for your book, and you can always update it as your book changes.

Your book sales page is probably the most important part of basic book marketing. Of course, you’ll need to have your book description written with call-to-action links to your various book distributors—which is also very important—but this page acts as the hub for everything book related.

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