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The Writerly Things Blog is a mega writing resource full of writing tips and writing advice for authors and writers. We believe in transparent writing to help you grow your author platform and successfully launch your book.

Curious which method of outlining works for you? Are you suffering from writer’s block? Or are you stuck on self-editing? Don’t know where to start? Where can you find a professional editor? Or a cover designer? How should you pre-market your books? What about the publishing process?

All these questions, and more, are answered on the Writerly Things Blog.

Our blog is geared towards helping writers become published authors, whether they follow the traditional or self-publishing route. We want to help every writer achieve their dreams and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Under the “Writing Advice” category, we cover all things writerly, including the Pre-Writing Phase, the Writing Phase, the Editing Phase, the Marketing Phase, and the Publishing Phase. In addition to that, we also offers tools and advice for being a successful authorpreneur and full-time author.

But even if you aren’t a full-time author yet, or don’t even want to be, the Writing Advice category is sure to give you the tools and resources, tips and advice, you need to launch a successful endeavor.

If you’re ready to launch your writing career and earn passive income, this is a great resource for you to bookmark and keep at arms length. I update our blog weekly with information and resources, offer free and paid online courses, offer sponsored book reviews, free opt-ins, and much more.