Book Recommendations for Book Editing

Editing a book is difficult. Editing your own book is exceptionally harder. But that shouldn’t stop you from self-editing your book before sending it to a professional editor. These book recommendations for book editing are the perfect way to jumpstart your self-editing process.

Editing is likely the most important writing you’ll do, because you can’t fix a blank page and you can’t make a story better that doesn’t yet exist. These books were crafted to help you become a better write and book editor, so you can create the best story imaginable.

Book Recommendations for Book Editing

For Those Emotional First Steps of Self-Editing: Developmental Editing, by Scott Norton

Developmental Editing by Scott Norton offers a highly detailed approach to developmental editing, including case studies on an array of authors, editors, and publishers. While the meat of the book offers insight, the handy sidebar gives writers tips on various aspects of fiction writing, including point of view, character development, world building, and story structure and plot.

For Those Final Touches for Book Editing: The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, by Jane Straus

Because no good book is riddled with grammar and punctuation problems. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Strauss is the perfect workbook for learning proper grammar and punctuation. In the form of lessons and quizzes, this book is updated to offer real examples of clear rules for proofreading your book.

For the Perfect Overall Gist of Self-Editing: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, by Penni Browne and Dave King

Written by two professional editors, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers is an amazing example of how to edit your book. It offers clear techniques you can apply today and helps you develop your own work, so you don’t waste money on extra rounds of edits from a professional editor. Learn about dialogue, exposition, point of view, and more with this book editing companion!

For a Mix of Business and Book Editing: The Editor’s Companion: An Indispensable Guide to Editing Books, Magazines, Online Publication, and More, by Steve Dunham

Learn to love and excel at editing your own book. Whether you’re editing books, website copy, or more, The Editor’s Companion is an ideal book to have in your arsenal. Learn how to analyze and develop content while simultaneously appealing to your target demographic. Ensure your opening chapters hook the reader in and leave them satisfied at the book’s end. And learn to use concise language to explore your world to the benefit of the reader. All of that (and more!) is learned here!

For Making Sure You Caught Every Tiny Error: Copyediting & Proofreading for Dummies, by Suzanne Gilad

Just because they’re the last rounds of edits for your book doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Proofreading is the polish that makes your book shine. Without it, you might turn off readers with simple inconsistencies and misspellings. Copyediting & Proofreading for Dummies is an easy guide to proofreading your own work and teaches you how to balance personal style and solid writing rules.

Discover how to master the editing process and turn your first draft into the perfect book! Whether you need help making sense of your story’s structure, identifying your weaknesses, avoiding bad advice, or even building the perfect self-editing toolkit, this detailed handbook provides you with all the knowledge you need to simplify the editing process and stop feeling overwhelmed. Grab How to Self Edit a Book today!